Numberfirst author or corresponding authorprojectJournalQPercentilePublished
1Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nirundorn MatanDevelopment of smoke flavour-antimicrobial packaging from coconut fibre using Litsea cubeba essential oil and wood smoke for dried fish preservation and reduction of PAHFood ControlQ192Volume 148 June 2023 Article number 109629
2Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nirundorn MatanInitiation and termination of liquid flow controlled drying collapse of interconnected parenchyma cells in palm woodDrying TechnologyQ180Accepted 06 Jan 2023, Published online: 24 Jan 2023
3Assoc.Prof.Dr.Nirundorn MatanEffects of density and load orientation on embedment behaviour of coconut woodConstruction and Building MaterialsQ195Volume 37131 March 2023 Article number 130736
4Assoc.Prof.Dr. Patimapon SukmakThe potential of industrial waste: Electric arc furnace slag (EAF) as recycled road construction materialsConstruction and Building MaterialsQ195Volume 3683 March 2023 Article number 130393
5Assoc.Prof.Dr. Patimapon SukmakAlkaline-Activation Technique to Produce Low-Temperature Sintering Activated-HAp CeramicApplied Sciences (Switzerland)Q273Volume 13, Issue 4February 2023 Article number 2643
6Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thanongsak ImjaiServiceability behaviour of FRP-reinforced slatted slabs made of high-content recycled aggregate concreteStructuresQ184Volume 51, Pages 1071 – 1082May 2023
7Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thanongsak ImjaiUse of viscoelastic polymer sheet as an acoustic control treatment in ceramic tiles to improve sound insertion lossResults in EngineeringQ274Volume 17March 2023 Article number 100897
8Assoc.Prof.Dr. Thanongsak ImjaiSolidification/Stabilization Technology for Radioactive Wastes Using Cement: An AppraisalMaterialsQ268Volume 16, Issue 3February 2023 Article number 954
9Dr. Chirawat WattanapanichComputer Simulations of End-Tapering Anchorages of EBR FRP-Strengthened Prestressed Concrete Slabs at Service ConditionsMaterialsQ268Volume 16, Issue 2January 2023 Article number 851
10Asst.Prof. Yaowarat SirisathitkulColorimetric parameters for bloodstain characterization by smartphoneArab Journal of Basic and Applied SciencesQ19230(1), pp. 197-207
11Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nuttawit WattanasakulpongThermal vibration of functionally graded porous beams with classical and non-classical boundary conditions using a modified Fourier methodActa MechanicaQ181Volume 234, Issue 2, Pages 729 – 750February 2023
12Assoc.Prof. Dr. Nuttawit WattanasakulpongHow Far is the Difference Between Mechanical Behavior of Ideal and Non-Ideal FG-GPLRC Beams?International Journal of Structural Stability and DynamicsQ184Volume 23, Issue 530 March 2023 Article number 2350057
13Dr. Suppakit EiadtrongTransient Responses of Sandwich Plates with a Functionally Graded Porous Core: Jacobi-Ritz MethodInternational Journal of Structural Stability and DynamicsQ184Volume 23, Issue 4 15 March 2023 Article number 2350039
14Asst.Prof.Dr.Chidentree TreesatayapunOptimal drug-dosing of cancer dynamics with fuzzy reinforcement learning and discontinuous reward functionEngineering Applications of Artificial IntelligenceQ192Volume 120April 2023 Article number 105851
15Asst.Prof.Dr.Chidentree TreesatayapunReinforcement control with fuzzy-rules emulated network for robust-optimal drug-dosing of cancer dynamicsNeural Computing and ApplicationsQ185Article in Press
16Asst.Prof.Dr.Thayawat LimpitiAn intelligent humidity control system for mushroom growing house by using beam-switching antennas with artificial neural networksInternational Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering 66Volume 13, Issue 1, Pages 549 – 560February 2023
17Assoc.Prof.Dr.Suratsavadee Koonlaboon KorkuaA Design and Comparative Analysis of a Home Energy Disaggregation System Based on a Multi-Target Learning FrameworkBuildingsQ190Volume 13, Issue 4April 2023 Article number 911
18Asst.Prof.Dr. Monthian SetkitSynthesis of Metakaolin Based Alkali Activated Materials as an Adsorbent at Different Na2SiO3/NaOH Ratios and Exposing Temperatures for Cu2+ RemovalMaterials 68Volume 16, Issue 3February 2023 Article number 1221
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