School of Engineering and Technology, Walailak University Organize Activities for Advisors to Meet New Students Pradu Cho 26

On June 5, 2023, the School of Engineering and Technology organized an academic advisory activity to welcome new students for the upcoming academic year of 2023. Advisors and lecturers from all six programs, namely Petrochemical and Polymer, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Civil Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, participated in this event. The purpose was to engage in discussions and mentorship with the new students, while also fostering relationships between seniors and juniors.
The School of Engineering and Technology recognizes the crucial role of faculty advisors in the success of students. These advisors provide guidance and support during the students’ transition to the new school, helping them adjust to their new environment and make new friends. Some students may still be accustomed to their high school experiences, while others may struggle with adapting to the demands of university life and forming new social connections. Advisors play a vital role in assisting students in overcoming these challenges and ensuring their academic and personal well-being. The ultimate objective of the advisors’ duties is to facilitate students’ joyful learning experience and successful graduation, aligned with the standards of a high-quality education plan.

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