Civil Engineering Program Students Won the Excellent Prize in the Dissertation Contest Organized by the Concrete Association of Thailand

School of Engineering and Technology, Walailak University extends its congratulations to the Year 3 students of the Civil Engineering program for their outstanding achievement. The team has been awarded the “Excellent” prize in the 8th Dissertation Contest organized by the Concrete Association of Thailand. The teams presented their work to the judges in an online format on Wednesday, May 31, 2023, and the results were announced on June 6, 2023.

The first team, composed of Mr. Kongdej Buanoi, Miss Nongying Khao-iam, Mr. Krirkchai Saad-rit, and Mr. Musilhi Samae, submitted a contest entry on the topic of “Innovation of Precast Composite Beams from Waste Concrete for Infrastructure in Thailand.” The second team, consisting of Mr. Tayakorn Boonkaew, Mr. Adam Jeha, and Miss Prapassorn Ritthikorn, submitted their research on the topic of “Shear Efficiency of Slabs from Concrete Sub-Fragments Reinforced with WU Snake Bar.” Both teams were guided by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanongsak Imjai as their project advisor.

Walailak University would like to express its gratitude to Sahaviriya Steel Industry Public Company Limited and Cellular Beam Thailand CellularBeam Chagapon for their support in funding the research project. The university acknowledges their valuable contribution to the success of the teams’ research endeavors.

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