School of Engineering, Walailak University Warmly Welcomed the Newcomers

On June 2, 2023, Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, Acting President of Walailak University, addressed the 26th Pradu Cho new students during an orientation session. The event took place in the main auditorium of the Thaiburi Building, where administrators, faculty, staff, and senior students warmly welcomed the newcomers. In his speech, Dr. Sombat expressed a heartfelt welcome to all the new students, referring to Walailak University as their new home. He emphasized the university’s role as a gateway to knowledge and encouraged the students to actively pursue knowledge and expand their intellectual horizons. Dr. Sombat highlighted the university’s commitment to providing quality education and professional training. Courses supported by the Federation of Professions adhere to professional standards, while others receive eight months of cooperative education training to excel academically and professionally. The ultimate goal is to produce high-caliber graduates with a competitive edge.
Prior to the official orientation, the President and the executive team led the attendees in singing the university anthems, including “Rak Walailak,” “Kiatpoom Walailak,” and the university chant “W…U…”. Associate Professor Dr. Nirundorn Martan, a lecturer at the School of Engineering and Technology, delivered a special lecture titled “Well of Knowledge and AI in the 21st Century,” where attendees enjoyed the music performed by the WU Band and the dance club.
In the afternoon, the School of Engineering and Technology administrators, faculty, and senior students joined together to extend a warm welcome to the new students on campus. The newcomers will have the opportunity to engage in various activities organized by student clubs, particularly the SET Success program aimed at enhancing life skills and clarifying engineering students’ goals. In the evening, students participated in a friendly competition by singing university songs alongside their classmates.
This year, the School of Engineering and Technology welcomed 342 new students, including 22 students in Petrochemical and Polymer courses, 65 students in Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry courses, 33 students in Mechanical Engineering and Robotics courses, 67 students in Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence courses, 96 students in Civil Engineering courses, and 59 students in Electrical Engineering courses.

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