Engineering Development Camp by Walailak University Empowers Students in Diverse Engineering Disciplines for Future Academic Pursuits

The School of Engineering and Technology at Walailak University recently orchestrated an innovative engineering development camp tailored for students within the special classroom network as part of the SMEP (Special Classroom Project) for the Academic Year 2023. This collaborative initiative brought together 4 esteemed educational institutions: Preparatory College in the South, Kalyanee Srithammarat School, Pak Phanang School, and Yothinbamrung School. The camp was specifically designed for 153 students in Secondary School Year 4.

Walailak University’s School of Engineering and Technology hosts an array of undergraduate programs, encompassing Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry, Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence, Civil Engineering, Petrochemical and Polymer Engineering, and Mechanical and Robotics Engineering. Engineering fields consistently rank among the most sought-after disciplines in entrance examinations due to their high market demand and lucrative career prospects, sparking significant interest among high school students. However, many aspiring students lack a comprehensive understanding of the diverse facets within the realm of engineering.

Recognizing this, the camp was conceived as an avenue to promote and nurture interest in engineering among students. Scheduled for November 22, 2023, this immersive event aims to captivate students’ curiosity by blending theoretical learning with hands-on experiences. The camp will be led by proficient professors and esteemed scientists, experts in their respective engineering domains. The program is structured around 6 distinct learning bases: Chemical and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Robotics, Petrochemical and Polymer Engineering, and Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence.
Through engaging in these tailored activities, students will gain profound insights into various engineering disciplines. This hands-on exposure is pivotal in guiding their decisions regarding future specialization and university entrance exams. The comprehensive experience aims to equip students with the requisite knowledge to make informed choices and adequately prepare them for their chosen engineering pathways.

By fostering this proactive approach to learning and exposure to diverse engineering fields, the camp endeavors to inspire and cultivate a new generation of passionate and well-informed engineering enthusiasts, ready to embark on their academic journeys with clarity and purpose.

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