“Introduction to Electrical Engineering Camp” Electrical Engineering

On December 10, 2021, the faculty of electrical engineering program School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University Organize activities to introduce courses for grade 6 students who have been selected to pursue a bachelor’s degree. electrical engineering course Walailak University in the Portfolio round of the academic year 2022. The activities are organized in an online format ZOOM which has a large number of students participating in this activity. They are students in Grade 6 who have been selected for further study to know the course information in detail such as study plans, introduction of facilities and university life. Get to know seniors, etc., in order to prepare for further studies. with faculty members and seniors from all 4 years to welcome Discuss and share experiences

proactive public relations It is an activity that needs to be carried out because This will make the field of study more known to the students. This will increase the choice for students who are interested in studying in this field to receive accurate information in terms of teaching and learning. Extracurricular Activities including occupation after graduation In which such activities will have lectures from the faculty members. and alumni of the school who come to study in the field It is expected that such activities will increase the number of students who will come to enroll. To promote the course to be more well known and familiar to the wider students. and for the general public to know the information of the course nature of study increased teaching which creates incentives for admission to the course of the School of Engineering and Technology

with electrical engineering courses has organized teaching by focusing on learning management in the classroom study tour combined with practical experience and guidelines for self-development in the professional field by focusing on the development of students’ potential to be academically competent and have good grades It is one of the main missions of the course. to reduce the drop off rate Reduce loss per generation due to academic performance. and increase/encourage students to have good grades able to study successfully according to the study plan happiness in learning

For those who are interested in applying, you can apply for the exam or see more information Click

Applicants’ qualifications
1. Grade 6 high school students 2. Science-Mathematics study plan
2. Cumulative GPA (4-5 semesters) not less than 2.50

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