Newsletter Release, School of Engineering and Technology, Issue 2

This is the second newsletter of the School of Engineering and Technology. It is the edition of the school’s various news reports over the past three months that the situation has been epidemic of the Covid-19 virus from April to June 2020. This newsletter is also a welcome edition for the new semester at Will arrive on July 13, 2020, which corresponds to the lockdown easing phase 5 of the government, making teaching Can proceed much closer to normal situations

First page of this 2nd newsletter was honored by the Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suraswadi Kulboonkuek, welcoming the new students of the academic year 2020, followed by the greeting page of the editorial staff. And interesting work throughout the past quarter The main content is divided into 3 parts which are learning, teaching, research and various activities of the school.

In terms of teaching and learning in the semester 3/2562, the school has focused on online teaching to comply with government policies. As an interview with Dr. Kampanat Sukkam, deputy dean of the School of Engineering and Technology ( page 3 ) that shows the preparation of the teachers in the school And the reflection of online learning of students ( page 4 ), which the School will use the opinions to improve the teaching and learning in the future. At the same time, the school has used a way to help students who have problems from the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. In line with the university policy ( page 5 )The School expects that All students will be able to achieve their goals in a timely manner. Affected by the outbreak of the cattle-19 To a minimum Even during the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus. The faculty of the School remains committed to continuously developing their potential. Both in terms of teaching and learning And research There are 3 Sernior Fellow professors and 4 Fellow professors ( page 6 ).

In terms of research We have professors who filed the patent number 2 by Dr. Rujiwattanapong took gold and Asst. Prof. Dr. Tanongsak satisfied with Asst. Prof. Dr. Chet’s pretty simple key message is force ( the page. 8 ) In addition, Asst. Prof. Dr. Kittiphong Khun Jariyakul, a professor in civil engineering, received the prestigious research award. Outstanding researchers in the category of High quality publication (Q1) and Research productivity (Scopus / ISI) from the Research and Innovation Institute ( page 9 ). And finally, this newsletter presents the school’s research plan through Interview with Asst. Prof. Dr. Uthen Pabarak, Acting Chief of Research Facility Institute of Engineering and Technology ( Page 7 )

The activities of the School in the past were somewhat less physical. Due to government lockdown measures that cause the school to focus on online activities Both in terms of online orientation ( page 10 ) and online counseling by the WU SET CARE team led by Professor Ray ( page 11 ) , all of which allow the university environment to be rehabilitated to prepare for the academic year. New as can be seen in the WU Tour column by Ajarn Kesara ( page 12 ).

The Web and Infor @SET working team hopes that everyone will safely pass the quid-19 epidemic, and if there is a chance to invite you to visit Lak University in the academic year 2020.

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