Congratulations to teachers in civil engineering courses Won the prize from the STSP Innovation Awards 2020 project.

Honeycomb composite wall innovation system won the 2nd runner-up award (Joint) from the submission of work for the contest “STSP Innovation Awards 2020” in the category of commercial innovation in the southern region. By receiving a 15,000 baht prize money along with an award plaque and certificate In this project, there is a professor in the Civil Engineering Program as the project leader which is Assistant Professor Dr. Thanongsak Imjai and the research associate is Assistant Professor Dr. Warit Vipulanusat. 

The honeycomb composite wall system consists of sandwich panels made of Calcium Silicate Board cement board which has anti-bending properties. And has fire resistance properties Is an insulator And moisture proof And the core consists of two types of materials which are Expanded polystyrene (EPS) flame retardant sheet with high dielectric strength With thermal resistance or R value of about 0.661 m 2 .k / w and Light weight Foamed Concrete, which does not contain heat from outside. Good sound absorption Fire prevention And continuation of lightweight concrete with foam grains as a honeycomb component from engineering design Make it able to effectively handle horizontal and shock loads

At the moment, this petty patent is being submitted for the number “2003001173 Honeycomb Composite Wall”. The innovative construction of this fabricated Honeycomb composite wall system Has better features than traditional masonry walls With the weight of the total wall that is lighter And build faster The standard size is 120 cm wide, 240 cm high, 10 cm thick, so it can be moved in limited locations such as elevators in tall buildings. And can lift and install using only one laborer Since it has a light weight of about 10 kilograms per sheet And by using cement board to laminate on both sides, it does not waste time plastering Getting a tidy job, more beautiful and stable

ompiler: Asst. Prof. Dr. Warit Wipulanusat

Thank you from Science and Technology Park Walailak University

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