Congratulations to engineering students who have been allocated scholarships.

School of Engineering and Technology Congratulations to the students who have been allocated scholarships. of Walailak University by welfare services (Scholarship) Student Affairs Division has considered allocating general scholarships for semester 3/2564 by all scholarships It is a scholarship that receives support from outsiders, faculty members, alumni, as well as university personnel. to help needy students and families There is a need and trouble in the matter of capital. By allocating scholarships to 52 students, a total scholarship amount of 220,000 baht, a total of 24 funding sources by students of the School of Engineering and Technology. Received a total of 6 scholarships as follows:

1. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Chatchai Kalyanapapon Scholarship (continued scholarship until the end)

Mr. Teeranai Chuaythong
Mr. Teeranai Chuaythong, electrical engineering student

2. Scholarship C.P. All Public Company Limited (annual scholarship)
Mr. Anuwat Inta, Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence student

3. Scholarship PTT Public Company Limited, Cafe Amazon Business Department (annual scholarship)

Mr. Nutchaphon Limseng
Mr. Nutchaphon Limseng, electrical engineering student

4. Krung Thai Bank Public Company Limited Scholarship (Annual Scholarship)

Ms. Rattanaporn Torlek, electrical engineering student

5. Scholarships for Asst. Prof. Dr. Rakpong Wongsarot and faculty (annual scholarship)

Ms. Nattarin Sanguanthip
Ms. Nattarin Sanguanthip, electrical engineering student

6. Khun Kasorn – Krisna Sitthirak Scholarship (annual scholarship)

Mr. Yanaphat Thaisuchart
Mr. Yanaphat Thaisuchart, electrical engineering student

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