Electrical engineering student Study visits outside the classroom Installation of ground wire at hospitals, medical centers Walailak University

      On Friday, March 26, 2020, Asst. Prof. Dr. Sarawut Chantakhet brings students in the third year of the Electrical Engineering course, a field trip to observe the grounding installation work at the Hospital, Medical Center. Walailak University Which is in the electrical engineering safety course With electrical engineering courses Department of Electrical Engineering Has organized teaching and learning With an emphasis on learning management in the classroom Study visit Combined with practicality to create experience And guidelines for self-development in the professional field With an integrated teaching and learning in the class

     Therefore, the electrical engineering course Therefore has organized a study and visit project for the establishment To allow students in electrical engineering courses to visit the process Including the working system in the real establishment To increase knowledge and integrate the acquired knowledge Both from teaching and learning from the real place In personal development, both in learning Doing a project or research Including preparation for cooperative education

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