Inviting students of every year S. Engineering and Technology Participated in the activity “Dean, Faculty, Academic Adviser met students. Semester 3, academic year 2020 “


On Wednesday, February 10, 2021, at 12:45 p.m. at the Thai Buri Building, Room 1500 seats, the School of Engineering and Technology organized an activity “Dean, Faculty, Academic Adviser, meeting students. Semester 3, Academic Year 2020 ”by participants who are teachers and students of every year from the course Electrical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Computer Engineering and Artificial Intelligence Petrochemicals and polymers And environmental technology courses Which is an activity that teachers and academic advisors meet students Which were found separately in each course For students to meet and talk with advisors Plan for enrollment And listen to requests from students, etc.

With the School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University With the aim of the students of the school Able to study in the university according to the study plan Happy learning And participated in various activities creatively Have a positive worldview and attitude Can solve various problems That happened to themselves properly, including receiving information and news Of the school in a timely manner

      For this reason, activities were organized to strengthen the relationship between students and their academic advisors. To encourage students of the school to have a positive mindset and attitude to see the world. Able to accept the problems that arise with themselves and solve the problems that they faced effectively. In addition, a meeting between the student advisor and the student talked in a friendly lecture will provide in-depth knowledge of the learning aspects of each student. This was obtained by reflecting the opinions of the students who participated in the activities and if there were any problems or obstacles with the students, the teachers, advisors and the school would be acknowledged to help solve the problems at the appropriate time. Which will benefit students In the course of monitoring And provide assistance to students And is the information in planning the development of the student support system

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