First Educational progress tracking activity For Academic year 2020

New students for the academic year 2020 have passed a period of about one and a half months to adjust to university life and students have already passed some general education assessments and tests of their learning results. To follow up on learning outcomes and listen to new students’ opinions. The School of Engineering and Technology has organized a study progress monitoring activity No. 1/2020 on Wednesday, August 19, 2020 at the main meeting room, Thai Buri Building from 17.00 – 18.00.

This activity was honored by the academy administration team led by Assoc. Prof. Suraswadee Kunboonkonguea, Dean of the Institute of Education. Welcome students to inquire about problems and exchange ideas with first year students. Can be summarized into three basic categories: problems arising from teaching and learning Problems caused by the dormitory And other problems

The Dean advises students to solve problems in studying By having each course support and care for their own course mates. For learning as a group And help each other. In addition, Asst. Dr. Kampanat Sukmak has recommended activities for friends, Athon. Which activities that promote learning in groups And increase unity among students

For dorm problems and other issues Of the school Will contact and coordinate with relevant departments to solve problems in the future

The school has a policy to continuously monitor the learning progress. The next time will be to follow up on the results of the midterm learning outcome To provide timely assistance and solutions for students And fostering relationships between students and Kanajarn in the school


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