Science and Technology Department aims to enhance teaching and learning performance to international standards As per the UKPSF professional standards framework

Walailak University Reformed teaching and learning In order to become a quality university By adopting the development system of teaching and learning management according to international standards By using The UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) of The Higher Education Academy (HEA) in the United Kingdom. In order to strengthen the university personnel to be knowledgeable and capable of transferring knowledge in standardized teaching and learning By becoming a member of HEA to create partnerships to develop training courses to improve teacher competency in accordance with UKPSF professional standards.

The UKPSF system has 3 components that are linked together: Part 1 Area of ​​Activity: activities or competencies in managing and supporting learning. Design and assessment of teaching Giving students problems in analytical learning seriously. Part 2 Core Knowledge is the core knowledge, which is to focus on the teachers having knowledge of the content seriously. In order for teachers to teach students correctly. And Part 3 Professional Values ​​include the criteria for being a teacher. Focus on the students to participate in teaching and learning

By the teachers of the School of Engineering and Technology Received 13 UKPSF accreditation standards, divided into 1 level of Senior Fellow (SF) and 12 members of Fellow (F) level. The faculty of IPST has organized teaching and learning by integrating elements of UKPSF framework, which is an aspect of Active learning through a variety of learning management methods. And use Smart Classroom technology to enable Active learning to be more efficient

It is another step forward in the implementation of the UKPSF standard, creating a standard of teaching and learning to enhance teacher efficiency. To have skills and abilities More professionalism And lead to the development of learners to think, analyze, synthesize and become quality graduates

Compiler: Asst. Prof. Dr. Warit Wipulanusat

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