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School Management Committee

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suratsavadee Koonlaboon Korkua
Head Acting Dean School of Engineering and Technology
Areas of Expertise Power Electronic Control and Application Enery Monitoring System Design and Application
Phone Number 0-7567-2340, 0-7567-2304
Extension 2340, 2304
E - mail ksuratsa@wu.ac.th
Dr. Monthian Setkit
Management Committee
Areas of ExpertiseConcrete Structures
Phone Number0-7567-2335, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2335, 2304-5
E - mailsmonthia@wu.ac.th
Dr. Gampanart Sukmak
Management Committee
Areas of Expertise

Geotechnical  Engineering

Mechanical Stabilize Earth Wall

Polymer Modified Concrete

Phone Number0-7567-2343, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2343, 2304-5
E - mailgampanart.su@wu.ac.th
Mr. Korakot Suwannarat
Management Committee
Areas of Expertise

Computer System Design

Embedded System Design

Internet of Things Application Design

Phone Number0-7567-2333, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2333, 2304-5
E - mailskorakot@wu.ac.th
Asst.Prof.Dr. Wanchart Preechatiwong
Management Committee
Areas of ExpertisePolymer Electrolyte Polymer Characterization Adhesive
Phone Number0-7567-2308, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2308, 2304-5
E - mailpwanchar@wu.ac.th
Asst.Prof.Dr.Satjapan Leelatanon
Management Committee
Areas of ExpertiseStructural Engineering Reinforced Concrete Structure Wood Structure
Phone Number0-7567-2304-5
E - mail lsatjapa@wu.ac.th
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Wipawee Dechapanya
Management Committee
Areas of ExpertiseAir Pollution Control Biomass Utilization Cellulose Acetate Synthesis Renewable Energy
Phone Number0-7567-2336, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2336, 2304-5
E - mailkwipawee@wu.ac.th
Asst.Prof.Dr. Charernkiat Pochaiya
Management Committee
Areas of Expertise

Mobile Communication Network

Telecommunication Network and Transmission Line

Propagation Path-Loss Models

Phone Number0-7567-2386, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2386, 2304-5
E - mailpcharern@wu.ac.th
Dr. Chuthamat Rattikansukha
Management Committee
Areas of ExpertiseEcotoxicology Biogeochemistry Water Pollution
Phone Number0-7567-2337, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2337, 2304-5
E - mailchuthamat.ra@wu.ac.th
Asst.Prof.Dr. Srawouth Chandhaket
Management Committee
Areas of Expertise

Power Electronics and  Control System

Phone Number0-7567-2314, 0-7567-2304-5
Extension2314, 2304-5  
E - mailcsarawou@wu.ac.th
Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pannipa Chaowana
Management Committee
Areas of Expertise

Wood Composite and Adhesive technology

Phone Number0-7567-2312, 0-7567-2304
Extension2312, 2304
E - mailmpannipa@wu.ac.th
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