Development of rubber guns used for training police students

Dr. Prachid Saramolee

Dr. Prachit has developed rubber guns for Technology and Innovation of Training Center, Provincial Training Police Center, Region 8. Since there are insufficient numbers of guns for training policemen, prototype guns made from inexpensive materials such as wood, resin, etc are required. The developed prototype guns are made from natural latex and function properly. They have properties perfectly suitable for the use in training police students. This innovative product can replace training guns purchased from abroad. The use of rubber guns can add more value to natural rubber which are one of the main products in the south of Thailand.


Research projects

Assoc.Prof.Dr. Pannipa Chaowana

  • Study on the reduction of formaldehyde emission from rubberwood particleboard by formaldehyde scavenger, Source of grant: Walailak University
  • Culm properties variation of three bamboo species planted in Royal Project Foundation, Source of grant: Royal Project Foundation
  • Emission from Structural Insulated Panel from Rubberwood Strands and Natural Rubber Foam filled with Sawdust, Source of grant: Thailand Research Fund
  • Physical and mechanical properties of bamboo culm, Source of grant:
  • Energy Efficient Panel made from Natural Rubber, Source of grant: Ministry of Energy







Asst.Prof.Dr. Wanchart Preechatiwong

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