Doctor of Philosophy Program in Materials Science and Engineering

School of Engineering and Resources


  • Doctor of Philosophy Program in Materials Science and Engineering


  • Doctor of Philosophy (Materials Science and Engineering)


1. The program aims to produce Ph.D. graduates with high expertise in materials science and engineering. Graduates are able to carry out their own research by integrating appropriate knowlwdge from various fields. Graduates have adaptive and creative mind to create innonavative ideas and products to deal with the changing world. Graduates are able to appropriately apply the basic knowledge for an advancement of Thailand in the field of materials science and engineering.
2.The program enhances academic capabiltiy of the School of Engineering and Resources, Walailak University with emphasis on applying the knowledge and expertise to communities and industries.
3.The program provides suitable enviornment for graduates to successfully carry out frontier reseach and publish their works in the well-known international journals in materials science and engineering.

Prospective Professions after Graduation

Graduates possess high experise in materials science and engineering and good English communication.
Graduates can effectively perform their own research with emphasis on problem solving to increase performance and to reduce cost and etc.

Career opportunities

1. Government office and state enterprise such as lectuers in universities, scientists in research institutes.
2. Private enterprise in positions of materials engineer, materials scientists and researcher in R&D unit

Education opportunities

Tution Fees

  • Tuition fee: 15,000 Baht/trimister
  • Tuition fee: 135,000 Baht for an entire 3 year program (students with Master degree)
  • or Tuition fee:180,000 Baht for an entire 4 year program (students with Bachelor degree)

Curriculum Structure

Total 60 or 61 credits for students with Master degree , or 90 credits for students with Bachelor degree

type 1.1
type 1.2
type 2.1
Total Credits
60 credits
90 credits
61 credits
1. Core Courses
0 0 0
2. Elective courses
0 0 16
3. Thesis
60 90 45

Type 1.1 = Research program for students with Master degree.

Type 1.2 = Research program for students with Bachelor degree.
Type 2.1 = Coursework + Research program for students with Master degree.

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