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Bachelor of Engineering Program in Polymer Engineering


TH: หลักสูตรวิศวกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต สาขาวิศวกรรมพอลิเมอร์
EN: Bachelor of Engineering Program in Polymer Engineering


TH: วิศวกรรมศาสตรบัณฑิต สาขาวิศวกรรมพอลิเมอร์
EN: Bachelor of Engineering (Polymer Engineering)


The program aims to produce high quality graduates who can be responsible for an improvement of Thailand infrastructure. Emphasis is placed to train graduates to resolve problems based on theories and capable of selecting appropriated technologies.

  1.  Aim to produce high quality graduates who are capable in the field of polymer engineering
  2. Provide social service to local communities based on proper academic knowledge

Desirable Characteristics of the Course

Graduates possess all the knowledge related to polymer engineering including structures, properties, manufacturings, testings and etc. Graduates are capable of applying their knowledge to improve process performance and to increase product value. Graduates could effectively resolve the “Thailand 4.0” problems in the field of materials science.

Career path

  1.  Engineers in industries related to plastic, rubber, wood and glue.
  2. Researchers in industries and academic institutions.
  3. Lectuerers in universities.

Study path

Graduates can continue their MS and PhD in polymer engineering, materials science or other related programs including the postgraduate programs at Walailak University.


  • Tuition fee: 20,800 Baht/trimister
  • Tuition fee: 249,600 Baht for an entire program

Program structure

Total 190 credits
1.General Education 40 credits
(1) Language and Communication 20 credits
(2) Humanities and Social Sciences 12 credits
(3) Health 4 credits
(4) Sciences and Mathematics 4 credits
(5) Information Technology 4* credits
2. Core courses 142 credits
(1) Basic core courses 52 credits
(2) Core courses in Polymer eng 81 credits
(3) Cooperative Education 9 credits
3. Free electives 8 credits

Remark * Not counted in total credits

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