The School of Engineering and Technology, Walailak University, has a philosophy to produce bachelor, master and doctoral graduates that have knowledges in fundamental sciences and engineering for creating high-level technology and know-how for society internationally sustainable development needs. Additionally, all graduates shall have ethical consciousness for their professions and their country.

School of Engineering and Technology, Walailak University, has the aspiration to establish a university with the primary aim of pioneering, seeking, maintaining and transferring knowledge in order to create and sustain academic advanced progress and excellence, which will be beneficial to the development of people to be intellectual and virtuous as well as conducive to the sustainable advance of society and mankind. We will aim to create graduates to be both good and smart people by emphasizing on

  • Being modern as citizens and citizens of the world with democratic ideals, knowledgeable and foresight attitude.
  • Being advanced in both academic and professional knowledge competence with in-depth and applied skills in the field of study in order to work effectively.
  • Being a “suksit” or a graduate with conscience, morality and professional ethics
  • Being an engineering excellence
  • Topping in graduate production
  • Innovating and bringing it to the world
  • Produce graduates to be smart and good people to meet the needs of society
  • Be a source of knowledge and technology for local and regional community to be the basis of the international level
  • Create new knowledge that leads to academic excellence for local and national development.


S : School
E : Engineering
T : Technology

SETSchool of Engineering and Technology

S : Service mind  มีใจให้บริการ มีจิตสาธารณะ
T : Team work  ทำงานเป็นทีม สมัครสมานสามัคคี
A : Achievement  มุ่งมั่นสู่ความสำเร็จ
R : Renown  มีชื่อเสียงระบือไกล

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