Seminar of the School of Engineering and Technology 2023

On May 11-12, 2023, the School of Engineering and Technology organized a seminar for the fiscal year 2023, in collaboration with the Office of Engineering and Technology. The seminar took place at Color Beach Resort (morning session) and Thasala Cabana hotel (evening session), providing a platform for brainstorming, knowledge exchange, performance evaluation of the 2022 action plan, and preparation for the 2023 action plan. The seminar focused on student admission, research, and academic activities, with the following objectives:
1. To enhance understanding of the processes involved in producing talented and socially responsible graduates to meet the needs of society.
2. To equip personnel with knowledge, understanding, and a positive attitude towards teaching and learning, enabling them to develop the quality of graduates and empower themselves in various fields.
3. To foster relationships and strengthen bonds among personnel, building a supportive and cohesive community.
The School of Engineering and Technology aspires to be a leading institution in research and knowledge transfer in the field of engineering and resources. Its mission is to produce graduates who possess critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and creativity, thus contributing to the development of society at local, regional, and international levels. In order to fulfill its vision and mission, the school emphasizes the continuous development of knowledge and skills among its personnel. Therefore, training programs and seminars have been established to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the school’s staff in areas such as teaching, research, and academic services. Additionally, these initiatives aim to strengthen relationships and engagement within the school community.
By investing in the professional development of its personnel and promoting collaboration, the School of Engineering and Technology seeks to optimize its performance and achieve academic excellence, ultimately contributing to the local and national development goals.

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