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Engineering and Technology, Walailak University organizes activities to welcome new students 2022

On June 11, 2022, the School of Engineering and Technology Organize activities to welcome new students Academic Year 2022 in the morning is a recommended activity Get to know the building of the School of Engineering and Technology Children will get to know each other when they meet with an advisor. And then it’s an activity to build relationships between seniors and juniors. and the same model Emphasize activities to build relationships with brothers and sisters within the school. creative recruitment Enjoy various competitive games from the elders on all 6 courses, 12 bases that create laughter. Talk to create positive interactions between them. Focus on creating good relationships between friends, siblings and faculty members within the organization.

This activity was organized to wish new students have knowledge and have skills to live in the university both in terms of learning private life as well as building relationships between faculty members and seniors in the school There is a plan for a period of 4 years in the university fence to be happy. enhance social coexistence skills Inspired to drive life It is also an exchange of experiences. attitudes and cooperation in various fields between seniors and juniors

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