Electrical Engineering, Walailak University organizes activities for faculty advisors to meet students Semester 2/64, 2nd time

On Wednesday, November 3, 2021, electrical engineering course School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University Organize activities for academic advisors to meet students 2nd semester 2/2564 online format with ZOOM program. This activity consists of thinking training Survey and notification of courses that must be registered for the 3rd semester/2121. Survey of problems. Student needs and exchanging learning about life during the 2/2564 semester that happened and finally meeting with an advisor

The objectives of this activity are (1) to reduce student dropouts; (2) to improve students’ academic performance. be able to graduate according to the study plan (3) to encourage students in the program to have a positive mindset and attitude (4) to enable students to effectively solve problems they face and for students and advisors Discussions in a friendly atmosphere will provide in-depth information about each student’s study. And due to the COVID-19 crisis, the course has monitored the well-being and made students aware of safety and self-care, as well as campaigning for students to get vaccinated to prevent COVID-19.

with the electrical engineering course It is hoped that the students of the school able to study in the university according to the study plan happy to study and have participated in various activities creatively Have a positive outlook and attitude can solve problems that happened to themselves appropriately, including receiving information of the school in a timely manner

Therefore, electrical engineering courses Therefore, activities were organized to strengthen the relationship between students and their academic advisors. To encourage students of the school to have a positive mindset and attitude. Able to accept problems that arise with themselves and solve problems that they face effectively. In addition, meeting between advisors and students, talking in a friendly atmosphere, will allow them to get in-depth information about each student’s study. This is derived from the reflection of the students who have participated in the activities and if any problems or obstacles arise with the students, the advisors and the school will be informed to help solve the problems in a timely manner. which will be useful to students in the course of monitoring and provide assistance to students continuously and is the information for planning to develop the student support system in the future


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