Message from Associate Dean

Greetings to all students and staff. Over the past few months, we have had to
study, teach, and work through online channels due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Online teaching has been conducted to comply with the university's social
distancing policy and reduce congested congregations. The school, therefore,
utilizes online channels for teaching and working together. These obstacles do not
affect practical learning activities. The school has organized this channel for the
benefit of students and staff. The school has also allocated a budget for organizing
online training to educate students on modern engineering. By inviting external
speakers to give lectures and conduct workshops for various courses, I hope these
activities can help enrich students  academic knowledge and practical experience.

Students have studied via an online channel for an entire semester. You will
probably have to study online in the next semester with the expectation that the
crisis of COVID-19 pandemic will resume normal. The school will do its best to
facilitate students' learning and provide students with sufficient academic
knowledge. If any student has a problem, the school is always prepared to support
it because our school is a warm engineering and technology family that is always
ready to take care of all students.
Finally, I wish all students succeed in their studies and life as well as stay
healthy. Furthermore, I positively hope that we will meet again at the university

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