The school contributes to the preservation of arts and culture through the Loi Krathong festival to carry on Thai traditions. Walailak University for the year 2020

On Saturday night, October 31, 2020, Walailak University by Walailak Cultural Ashram together with the Student Affairs Division and administrative organization Walailak University Student Organization Organize the Loi Krathong Festival Pleasant courtyard area in front of Thai Buri Building Walailak University To carry on the good traditions of Thailand Express gratitude to the goddess Ganga. as well as creating a good relationship between the community and the university with executives, staff and students of Walailak University as well as the general public The parade joins the event bustlingly.

This opportunity was honored by Professor Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University. presided over the ceremony There was Associate Professor Dr. Sarawut Paliphot, Vice President for Student Affairs, reported the report. Walailak University recognizes the importance of the mission of preserving arts and culture. which must be carried out to be developed in parallel with the mission of teaching and learning research study and academic services Because art and culture are regarded as the cornerstones for building reconciliation and strength as one. Create the unity of the people in the nation to create a society that will progress in every aspect. Thank you to everyone for your support. Helping physically, mentally, and spiritually. To jointly promote the Loi Krathong tradition to remain in Thai society forever.

In the event, there will be a contest for students and staff of the goddess Noppamas and the Miss Ladyboy contest. There will be performances from the Dance Club, WU BAND and the WMC international band, as well as a fair. folk games and invited to dress in Thai cloth to match the Loy Krathong atmosphere as well as join the campaign to make Krathong from biodegradable materials.

By the school sent Dr. Kesara Senee Srisakul Participated in the Contest of the Goddess Noppamas Personnel category and the faculty members participated in the activities as mentors to Mrs. Noppamas and co-workers

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