บรรยายพิเศษ ในหัวข้อ ... " บทบาท wood adhesive polymer ในอุตสาหกรรมไม้ " โดยท่านวิทยากรพิเศษ คุณอนุพงศ์ อินทวงศ์

Petrochemical and Polymers Course Organized a learning exchange project on the path towards petrochemical and polymer careers by lecturer Khun Anupong Inthawong

On August 5, 2021, petrochemical and polymer courses Organized a learning exchange project on the topic of petrochemical and polymer career paths by speaker Khun Anupong Inthawong on the topic “Role of wood adhesive polymer in the wood industry” in which the speakers shared their experiences. The actual work of the speaker giving students knowledge and understanding in the field of work that the speaker has been through and answering questions for students who have additional questions, making it useful to students who attend special lectures this is very

with petrochemical and polymer courses School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University It is hoped that the students of the school can study in the university according to the study plan happy to study and have participated in various activities creatively Have a positive outlook and attitude can solve problems that happened to themselves appropriately, including receiving information of the school in a timely manner

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