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Electrical Engineering Program Invites speaker Khun Nutthapimon Naovakun to give a special lecture on the topic …. towards the goal…for students

        On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, the electrical engineering course invited lecturer Khun Nutthapimon Naowakun (allumnus), currently working at Nissan Motor Company Limited, gave a special lecture on the topic … towards the goal”…for students in the course In which choosing and finding a way to reach the goal of each person is different. And inspiration is one of the factors that will help act as a driving force in life. Give yourself the courage to move through things more steadily. And the speaker gave an opinion:
1. The miracle of reading the book the day before the exam does not exist.
2. Don’t wait or blame the talent. But there should be a blessing to seek.
3. Where is the effort? success is there

      with the electrical engineering course School of Engineering and Technology has organized teaching by focusing on learning management in the classroom study visit combined with practical experience and guidelines for self-development in the professional field By focusing on the development of students’ potential to be academically competent. and have good grades It is one of the main tasks of the electrical engineering course. to reduce the drop off rate Reduce loss per generation due to academic performance. and increase/encourage students to have good grades able to study successfully according to the study plan pleasure in learning

        Therefore, the electrical engineering course Therefore, a project to take care of young people (New chip on board) for students in electrical engineering courses. have visited the process and working system in the actual establishment to increase knowledge and integrate knowledge gained in self-development in terms of learning doing a project or research including preparation for cooperative education Encourage students to have a positive mindset and attitude towards the world. Able to accept problems that arise with themselves and solve problems that they face effectively In addition, meeting between seniors and juniors, talking in a friendly atmosphere, will make them aware of learning and living information. individual in depth due to covid 19 situation The activity format is therefore a form of training through online channels (Zoom) by alumni.

      Today, the electrical engineering course would like to thank Khun Nutthapimon Naovakun very much.

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