Petrochemical and Polymers Program, Walailak University has been considered to be a member of the PETROMAT network.

Petrochemical and Polymers Course School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University Considered to be a member of the PETROMAT network, the Center of Excellence in Petrochemical Technology (, which currently has network members from 9 institutes in 5 universities:
• College of Petroleum and Petrochemicals Department of Chemistry Department of Technical Chemistry and the Department of Materials Science Chulalongkorn University
• Department of Chemistry and Department of Chemical Engineering Kasetsart University
• Department of Materials Science and Engineering Silpakorn University Polymer Engineering Suranaree University of Technology
• and recent members Petrochemical and Polymers Course Walailak University

participation of This petrochemical and polymers course builds a network of petrochemical and polymer researchers in the southern region. Experts in polymers, plastics, wood, rubber, fuels and biochemicals, etc., will further drive PETROMAT’s potential to expand cooperation with researchers and industry groups across the country.

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