Students of Computer and Electronics Engineering Awarded at the TESA Top Gun Rally 2021.

Students of Computer and Electronics Engineering Under the name WU OneHot team led by Mr. Natthanaphas Kiratikon Phisut (Team Leader), Mr. Rachanon Munnarat, Mr. Satit Srisawad, Mr. Ratthanat Ratanaphan and Mr. Nur Alawisai, with Ajarn Korakot Suwanarat as the activity advisor Received two awards from TESA Top Gun Rally 2021 which are Top Score: Hardware Programming and Top Score: Project Management.
The TESA Top Gun Rally 2021 is a national competition for embedded systems. Intelligent production control system It is a Phatana competition for quality sorting and lime counting by using AITESA Top Gun Rally as a platform for finding the best engineers in embedded systems in Thailand. In which people who have the opportunity to represent each institution to participate in the skills competition this time They all have to be well selected, tested and interviewed by the committee of each institution. Both academically, attitudes and society
Thai Embedded Systems Association (TESA) in collaboration with government agencies. Industrial sector Educational institutions and developers have organized the TESA Top Gun Rally program for developing skills in embedded systems with the aim of promoting and developing Thai embedded system personnel to be knowledgeable, capable and capable. That can compete on the global stage This project was collaborated by 25-30 educational institutions that sent a team of students to show their ability to develop embedded systems During the closing period of the first semester of each year Which will circulate according to Faculty of Engineering or other faculties of the university that are ready. And offered to ask to host the event

The project will be organized over a week, with a team of 5 students from each institution to learn knowledge and technology of embedded systems from experts in various fields. They also gain experience in the development work from solving various problems set on a daily basis based on the principles of Problem-Based Learning during the activity Students of each team will have the opportunity to compete in competence and skills to learn problem-solving, presentation, and expertise in developing embedded systems. Which the committee will evaluate it as a cumulative score each time The student team with the highest number of points wins the championships.

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