Engineering and Technology Student Union Prepare for semester activities 3/2020

Because of the COVID-19 situation Impact on teaching and learning activities And activities to enhance learning in educational institutions across the country a lot The situation of the epidemic in Nakhon Si Thammarat is in a safe condition. And now students have completed the screening and detention process for those at risk. Therefore, the student club of engineering and technology Therefore, the preparatory meeting was held for semester 3/2020 in order to build on the spirit of the devotees to focus on building unity, volunteerism and sparking ideas of students through three activities. Principles such as traditional running, the School of Engineering and Technology Dolphin Volunteer Camp and SET Spark Activities, etc.

And on this occasion, would like to publicize the event running the tradition of building relations with engineering and technology This will be held on the morning of March 6, 2021, as each academic year of the Office of Engineering and Technology has a large number of new students coming together. And living together in society requires rules and respect for each other’s rights in order for students to live together happily. Be good, disciplined And learn how to behave in this school without conflict between them This activity will result in unity among the group. There is love and harmony. In various activities organized for students to create unity between friends, seniors, faculty, as well as personnel of the School of Engineering and Technology and practice The mind is ready to face problems that may arise both in learning and doing activities, as well as solving immediate problems. And share common problems and know how to deal with their own emotions in stressful situations or extreme situations. And know the value of what they have been given

Thank you to students from the engineering and technology student club team for preparing the main activities
Which activities It will operate under strict university regulations. And taking into account the safety of students
Under the guidance of teachers and academics, the SET Care team, the School of Engineering and Technology

For more information, please visit the Student Club Facebook page. https://web.facebook.com/samoengineerresource
and Facebook page WU SET Care https://web.facebook.com/WUSETCARE

Compiled by Dr. Kessara Seneesrisakul

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