S. Engineering and Technology Curriculum release Ammartpanichnukul School Krabi Province

      On Monday, December 21, 2020, the faculty and academics School of Engineering and Technology Curriculum release Ammartpanichnukul School Krabi Province Which has many students participating in this activity By being a student in Mathayom 6 in Science – Math To provide students who are studying high school with information on the TCAS system for admission to higher education institutions, academic year 2021.

     School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University Nakhon Si Thammarat Province It is offered in a total of 6 graduate programs consisting of electrical engineering courses. Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry Computer engineering and artificial intelligence, civil engineering, petrochemical and polymer engineering. And mechanical and robotics engineering courses

    Proactive publicity Is an activity that needs to be performed because This will make the field of study more known to the students. This will increase the options for students who are interested to study in this field to get accurate information on both the subject of teaching. Extra curricular activities Including the occupation after graduation In organizing such activities, there will be lectures of the faculty members. And alumni of the school who come to study in the field of study It is expected that such activities will increase the number of students who will enroll even more. 1. To promote the curriculum to be more known and familiar to students. And to inform the general public about the course information Learning characteristics Teaching increase This creates an incentive for admission to the program of the School of Engineering and Technology.

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