Congratulations to the personnel of the School of Engineering and Technology, receiving the excellent level performance assessment

Prof. Dr. Sombat Thamrongthanyawong, President of Walailak University, expressed appreciation and congratulations to the personnel of the School of Engineering and Technology. They received excellent level performance assessment results for the fiscal year 2020. To honour the value of personnel, the President, therefore, would like to announce the list of staff who have received the excellent level performance assessment results as follows:

Academic Administration Staff
        1. Assoc.Prof.Dr. Suratsavadee Koonlaboon Korkua Dean of School of Engineering and Technology

Academic Staff
        1. Asst.Prof.Dr. Thanongsak Imjai  Department of Civil Engineering
        2. Asst.Prof.Dr.Wichitpan Rongwong Department of Chemical Engineering and Pharmaceutical Chemistry
        3. Asst.Prof. Yaowarat Sirisathitkul  Department of Computer Engineering and Intelligent Seytems

For the criteria for assessing the performance of Academic Administration positions consists of 1. Leadership and vision, 2. Knowledge, competence and skills in human resource and resource management, 3. Self-control, 4. Dedication to university and achievement, 5. Adhere to the good governance system, and 6. ethical, based on honesty Right and good.

In the criteria for performance assessment of academic staff consists of 1. Have an interest in knowledge and creativity and the accumulation of professional expertise, 2. Adhere to the ethics of lecturer, 3. Have a public mind, cooperation, and teamwork 4. Have the determination and dedication to the university, 5. Focus on academic achievement progress as per the university policy, 6. adhere to good governance, and 7. Ethic.


Author: Asst. Prof. Warit Wipulanusat

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