The Institute of Directors organizes activities for the deans to meet students Semester 2/2020 October 28, 2020

The School of Engineering and Technology organizes an activity “Dean, Faculty, Academic Adviser meets students in the semester 2/2020”, which is organized regularly every semester. In the semester 2/2020, it was held on October 28, 2020 at 1:00 PM at the Thai Buri Building.

Organizing this activity aims for the students of the school Able to study in the university according to the study plan Happy learning And participated in various activities creatively Have a positive worldview and attitude Can solve various problems That happen to oneself properly And to present the progress of the school in various fields All engineering students to be informed about faculty, research, teaching and learning And various activities Both organized by the school And student clubsนักศึกษา

This is the first time of the 2020 academic year as the 1st semester of 2020 is monitoring the COVID-19 epidemic. The school therefore implements the university policy. By refraining from activities that involve large groups Therefore, this activity began with the introduction of the School’s administrative team, namely
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Suraswadee Kunboonkuea, Dean, Asst.
Prof. Dr. Montien Dobkit, Deputy Dean, Asst.
Prof. Dr. Kampanat Sukmak, Deputy Dean, Asst. . Dr. Uthen breastplate Institute chief
Dr. Nat Sci cultural currency, Mr. head of Engineering and Robotics
Prof. truth the Confederation Lee Amatanont head of Civil Engineering
Prof. day. National penetration Martin Wong, head of petrochemical and polymer
Prof.Prosperity honor Chai Ya Head of Electrical Engineering
Prof. Wipawee splendor intelligence chief chemical engineering
professor at Jul Suwanrat head of computer engineering and electronics sectors.

Then, the dean presents the progress of the school’s operations. Congratulated the students for the outstanding results in each course And listen to the opinions of students in the overall picture of the school

At the end of the first activity Therefore dividing students according to the field of study To meet with faculty within the course Which will follow up the teaching and learning results Enrollment And listen to the problems discussed in a friendly lecture that will give you in-depth learning information of each student. This was obtained by reflecting the opinions of the students who participated in the activities and if there were any problems or obstacles with the students, the teachers, advisors and the school would be acknowledged to help solve the problems at the appropriate time. Which will benefit students In the course of monitoring And provide assistance to students And is the information in planning the development of the student support system

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