Department of Computer Engineering and Electronic organizes Scrum training for 4th year students to prepare for cooperative education

Co-operative education is a part of the curriculum plan of all Walailak University courses. All students are required to work at the workplace for at least 4 months. Therefore, the department of Computer Engineering and Electronic provides training to prepare for system development using Agile-Scrum, a method that has currently been very popular.
The main lecturer in this training is Asst. Prof. Dr Thimaporn Petchkaew, who provided basic knowledge on theory and organized a workshop on 5 – 6 October 2020. all the students participating in the training play a role as a member of the web development team. Each team must develop a product which are mangrove forest tourism, star map learning, solar system and recommend growing vegetable garden plants.
The workshop uses the main lecturer as a Scrum Master to help the smooth teamwork , and Mr. Chirawat Wattanapanich acts as the product owner, determining the values ​​and priorities of the work. Then he commented on work during the development sprint.
The training results are satisfactory results. All students who learn and practice every step of the Scrum workflow, could be visualizing group work, problems, and areas for their team to improve. As well as learn a solutions for their problems, how the problem should be solved and which role should be responsible for solving the problems that arised

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