Electrical Engineering Course, Walailak University, organizes Exit Exam for Computer Programming

On Thursday, August 6, 2020, Electrical Engineering course School of Engineering and Technology Walailak University organizes the Exit Exam or Comprehensive Exit Exam at the center, with the participants being the 2nd year students taking the Computer Programming course under the program. “Project for measuring and evaluating learning outcomes continuously. For the exam Electrical Engineering, which is to verify the achievement of the students of the Electrical Engineering course. It is one of the important mechanisms of the course. With the goal of measuring the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process And measure the learning performance of students To serve as feedback in direction of improvement in teaching and learning management and professional electrical engineering skills development activities.


In addition, this program prepares graduates for future employment, as graduates who have successfully completed electrical engineering program will be required to apply for a license to practice electrical engineering from the Council of Engineers through a written examination.

Electrical engineering courses Thank you staff Library and Educational Media Center And digital technology center To help facilitate the exam at this time  

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