Preparing to teach ‘online’ bypass COVID – 19 S. Engineering and Technology

Due to Walailak University Announcing the implementation of “online” teaching and learning in the situation COVID-19, starting with all courses from 1 April 2020. Therefore, the faculty of the School of Engineering and Technology The whole course has been changed to online teaching due to the epidemic of COVID-19, causing teachers and students to adjust to unfamiliar learning conditions. To be able to manage work from home perfectly

Infographic at School of Engineering and Technology by Dr. Kesara Senisakun So do not miss to interview Dr. Kampanat Sukkam, Deputy Dean of the School of Engineering and Technology In the matter of preparing to be taught online During the COVID-19 crisis, the contents are as follows

  • Preparation for online teaching and learning
  • Basic equipment for online teaching and learning And additional equipment to increase the quality of online teaching
  • Appropriate online teaching and learning program
  • Online teaching and learning formats, such as live teaching and tape recording for viewing
  • Interaction (Interaction), such as questions and answers of teachers and students during teaching. 
  • Evaluation of online teaching and learning management, such as online exams

From the online teaching evaluation, it was found that Teachers need more time to prepare for teaching. Students are ready to learn from work orders and homework. Causing students to have more effort to learn by themselves than before in the classroom as in the past But it can run smoothly online. Fun for both students and teachers. It is considered an important step in learning to move towards digital transformation. Education for the School of Engineering and Technology

Compiler: Asst. Prof. Dr. Warit Wipulanusat

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